Fruits and vegetables get their colors from phytochemicals which are important micro-nutrients, essential for skin, hair, nails, heart, immune system and overall health of the body. Instead of losing your mind trying to track individual nutrients, all you must do,is to ensure you eat natural foods of every color over time.

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Meditation: For those who aspire to pursue a calm and quiet life

Meditation is a single way to regulate your body and mind which helps calm you down from your thoughts and your day. The best part? Meditation can look however you need it to! Whether its sitting in silence, going for a peaceful walk in nature, chilling to your favorite music, sitting or lying still, or simply just being present and breathing in the moment.

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Dress your way to Success

Eight time Academy Award winner for Best Costume Design Edith Head said, "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." There's more truth in this statement than you may think. Dressing well is more than just clothing. It’s an essential part of your comportment and demeanor. Looking your best isn’t about vanity, instead its a strong factor to feel happier and more successful. No need for expensive clothes or fancy brands. Looks and appearance aren't everything, but self-expression through dressing like the person you want to be will sure lead to the success you desire.

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